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A Brief History Of Musicals


In this article we’re going to present a brief history of music theater from its early beginnings right up to the present day.

Musicals actually started with the ancient Greeks who put on plays with songs. While they weren’t called musicals at the time, that is indeed what they were. The music was crude by today’s standards and the stories were not very well done, again by today’s standards, but this was the early beginning of what was to become the modern musical.

In the 1700s there were many stage entertainments, though again they were not called musicals. The first English language work that had any lasting value was The Beggar’s Opera which was done in 1728. It was a satirical spoof of the times. This was typical of the type of entertainment one would find up until the 1800’s.

Musicals, as we know them today, started in the 1800s with the French and Viennese Operettas. The works of Offenbach and Strauss were the first musicals

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The Beatles in 1963

ms21963 was the beginning of Beatlemania. It was the year they wrote and recorded definitiive “British Invasion” songs such as “She Loves You” & “I Want  to Hold Your Hand.” It was the year that John Lennon & Paul McCartney went from being novice songwriters to masters of pop rock songwriting.

What follows is a snapshot of the most remarkable original songs that The Beatles recorded in 1963:

“I Saw Her Standing There” – The opening track on The Beatles debut album, Please Please Me, and the B-side on the American version of the “I Want to Hold Your Hand” single (the single that started the “British Invasion.”) This is a very important song in the history of The Beatles and in my opinion one of their best early songs.

“From Me To You” – This tune held the #1 spot on the UK singles charts for seven weeks in 1963. While it lacks the punch of “She Loves You” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand” it’s definitely a catchy number that has plenty of personality (and harmonica.) And as

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The Jonas Brothers

ms1“I wish I had a song on MTV…” a verse from “6 minutes” by The Jonas Brothers claims. The Jonas Brothers, a brother-boy-band from Wycoff, New Jersey, have more than a song on MTV, and are taking the world by storm. They got their start in their family’s basement with impromptu concerts led by Nick Jonas word tour, the middle of the three brothers. Supported by their parents, Nick began to land roles in Broadway musicals. Later, brother Joe joined the musical production gig and got the brothers more involved in performing.

The Jonas Brothers signed their first record deal in 2005 with Columbia records, but it wasn’t until 2006 when they signed with Hollywood Records that their music took off. Their first hit single, “S.O.S” rapidly became the #1 song on iTunes while concert tickets sold out in minutes, and they shot their own reality TV show, “Jonas Brothers-Living the Dream.” Recently, the brothers starred in “Camp Rock,” a Disney Channel original movie. The Jonas Brothers also debuted their “Burnin’ Up” video following the premier of “Camp Rock”

What is the History Behind Music

Many musical artists made their careers a success by using music videos. As an important part of the music industry, music videos not only showcase an artist’s singing talent, but also how they perform. The history of music videos shows how the use of the videos transformed the music industry.

Premiering in 1974, the Australian TV show ‘Countdown’ played an important role in the development of the music video industry. Music video clips were used as a method of promoting acts that were to appear on the show. As the popularity of the video clips grew, the music industry began to realize the marketing potential of these music clips. One of the most notable video clips features was the AC/DC hit, “It’s A Long Way to the Top.” During the 1980s, ‘Countdown’ aired in 22 countries.

In 1980, the New Zealand group Split Enz became one of the first bands to create an entire set of music promo clips and market them on video cassette for each song on their album, ‘True Colors.’

Predating MTV by almost three years, ‘Video Concert Hall,’ was the first nationwide video

The History Behind Musicals

A musical can be in the form of a theatrical production or a movie, either of which uses songs and dancing as a means to tell the story. There are many types of musical theater, such as comedy drama, dramas, and others.

They use music to tell their story. Musicals have always had a stage presence, but it has made its way into movies as well. If you have never seen a musical theater production or drama comedy, then you are missing out on a cool treat.

There are three main parts to musical theater; the music, the lyrics and the book. Music and lyrics are easy to understand, and the book is just an expression for the real storyline. Musicals are different from operas because there is talking in the show, whereas operas incorporate only songs.

Musical theater dates back as far as ancient Greece, with their drama comedies. In the golden age of the musical, musical movies were being made all the time. An actor or actress could actually have several musical movies in their acting career. Nearly all the hot movies back then were

Importance Of Mixing Theory And History In Music

If a student wants to have a complete understanding of music, the student should have proper idea of both the theories of music as well as the history of music. Therefore a good faculty should include both theory and history in his or her music lesson plans. As a teacher while you are giving your students lectures on how to read musical notations and know about the various techniques of rhythm such as controlling the tempo successfully, you should also give them an idea on the theory of harmony by including the chords and the key signatures. Also you should give the students a proper idea on how to make a music soothing to the ear. Thus the theories of tone, proper use of dynamics and phrasing should be done.

Also when you are teaching music to your students, proper instructions should be there on the history of the types of music that the student is learning. For example if you are teaching the students western classical music then you must spend some time telling them about the various eras in the western classical music such as the Baroque, Romantic, Classical and so

The History of Music Videos

Music videos have been around for quite some time, and they have evolved in many ways since their earliest inceptions. Changes and advancements in technology, as well as in the ways that we access our entertainment and music, have forced music videos to change in even more ways. Here is a brief history of music videos, along with a look toward the future and what we may be able to expect.

The first music videos weren’t the short little clips that we now know, capturing one song. Instead, they were entire promotional films. Images of The Beatles and all of their feature length movies, as well as the dozens of movies that Elvis Presley appeared in, all come to mind. These movies had many songs in them, and had plots and acting as well.

There was no platform for short music clips anywhere, however there was an outlet for movies and so this was the channel that was used. Then live performances on shows such as the Ed Sullivan show became popularized. While there was no production to these, because these were clips with only one song performed they were

The Beatles

We’ve known The Beatles to be the music band that modified the recording industry mostly towards the best, but just how did the legendary four arrive at global popularity? Just what was indeed their quest from ordinariness to incredible fame exactly like? Are there maybe additional “Beatles” that people just didn’t find out about? Was it simple to them or have there been road-blocks on the way? If you desire to comprehend, then you have visited the absolute right place: this text stories the worlds of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr ahead of when they genuinely fitted and took over as the most commended rockstars appreciated as The Beatles.

John Lennon, the seeming head and vocalist of the music band, established the Beatles. Having said that, it is really not much appreciated that until the legendary forming in August ’60, Lennon in addition to a bunch of his school mates organized a quartet generally known as “The Quarrymen” in 1957. It was definitely not until finally he met up with Paul afterwards in July where the 1st indicator of The Beatles fable can be found. Paul McCartney has been

Ten Things You Didn Know About The Beatles

If you feel you may be the greatest Beatles buff in the world, rethink it. Truth be told, you will find pretty insightful details with regards to the mythical music group that you might haven’t much read anything about – thus far. This report will reveal to you some of the most stimulating details of one of the best rockband that ever were around across the world – The Beatles.

1) Perhaps you have read of the urban legend “Paul is Dead”? That’s right. It’s long been largely believed that Paul McCartney, the group’s guitar bassist and major songwriter, died in ’66 and had been replaced through a British man who looks like him. A number of proposed “clues” had been reported being located on several of the quartet’s tracks, including on their own album covers. Notably, the cover of the album “Abbey Road” was believed to depict Paul’s burial.

2) Nov. 22, ’63 had been a famous day for Usa and the human race as past President John F. Kennedy has been murdered at this time. Unfortunately (or luckily, contingent on how you view it), the group’s next band

Listing The Beatles Albums

As anyone who has even a cursory knowledge of pop history will know, The Beatles released 13 albums during their time together as recording artists, on the EMI Parlophone label in the UK and on their own Apple label, towards the end of their career.

Most people might even be able to list each of these releases in chronological order, such was the pervasive influence of the group on western culture in the 1960s and beyond.

As a lifelong fan, a question I am often asked is What Is Your Favourite Beatles Album? This is akin to being asked, as a parent with three children, Which is your favourite child? Its an almost impossible question to answer, and I find the only acceptable way to approach this conundrum is to try and list a few of the Beatles albums in order of my preference. Performing this exercise at different points over the last thirty odd years would undoubtedly have thrown up differing results, so here goes for 2011 and we’ll revisit the question sometime in the next couple of years!

  • A Hard Days Night: released 10 July 1964. The first Beatles album to contain exclusively

Geoff Emerick and the Beatles

Geoff Emerick was only sixteen years old when he worked on the Beatles’ first-ever recording session. Only a few years later he would play an important part in shaping the fab four’s musical direction.

At the age of fifteen, Geoff Emerick landed a job as an assistant engineer at Abbey Road Studios in London. Emerick, the son of a butcher, had developed a keen interest in music from an early age, despite the fact that none of his family members possessed any particular musical talent.

As a young child, Emerick was capable of picking out simple tunes he had heard on the radio and playing them solely by ear on his uncle’s piano.

“I have no explanation for how I was able to do it; for some reason I just knew where the notes fell, and it was only a matter of going from one note to another to make up the tune,” Emerick said in his book “Here, There and Everywhere – My Life Recording the Music of The Beatles.”

Emerick discovered his grandmother’s collection of classical and operatic records at the age

The Beatles “Love Me Do” & “Please Please Me”

1962 was a huge year for The Beatles. It was the year they met George Martin, got signed to a record contract, and recorded their debut single “Love Me Do.” But the year actually didn’t start off very good for the young band as their January 1 audition for Decca didn’t work out. Although in retrospect that was for the best (if they had been signed by Decca, music history as we know it would likely be entirely different.)

The Beatles recorded four original songs with George Martin for Parlophone/EMI in 1962 which would end up being released as the A & B sides of their first two singles.

“Love Me Do” – This was the first single The Beatles released in the UK (on October 5, 1962) and it ended up reaching #17 on the UK singles charts. This was a reasonably strong debut but obviously only hint of what was to come. In my opinion it is not only The Beatles first single, but also easily their worst. It did reach #1 in the US during the height of Beatlemania in 1964.

“P.S. I Love

The Beatles First Tour

The impact of a phenomenon

During 1963, The Beatles’ popularity with the British public, had reached levels of mass hysteria, never before seen. They had toured the UK throughout that year and in October had made their first overseas tour to Sweden.

The British press had coined the phrase Beatlemania, due to the chaotic scenes that The Beatles endured wherever they went. News of Beatlemania had crossed the Atlantic and a rushed release of their fifth single, I Want to Hold Your Hand, hit the US public in December 1963. The single sold over one million copies in its first few weeks and paved the way for The Beatles arrival a few months later.

The Beatles arrived in the US on 7th February 1964. A crowd of a few thousand people had gathered at New York’s JFK airport, making The Beatles think that someone of an important stature was flying in at the same time. The crowd had, in fact, turned up to greet The Beatles.A crowded press conference took place at the airport, with The Beatles giving the assembled press corps a glimpse of their quick

The Beatles Videos

Due to their phenomenal popularity, the Beatles were photographed and filmed for almost every moment they spent in the public eye. In the 1960s, moving images were still recorded mostly on black and white film. So even though today we may say “videos” as a catch-all term, most of the Beatles’ output was film. In the 1960s, it was news photographers who covered a Beatle press conference or interview, much like they would a news event.

There are hundreds of these short Beatles videos available for view on the internet. They reveal personalities that captured the hearts of young people throughout the world. (Even the USSR had its teenage Beatle fans. Record albums were bought on the black market and hid from public view and listened to quietly in darkened bedrooms.) Paul was cute and charming, George was quiet and earnest, John was acerbic and impassioned, and Ringo was, well, Ringo.

The Beatles filmed “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1964 at the height of Beatlemania. Directed by Richard Lester, the movie was filmed in black and white, not for aesthetic reasons but because it was cheaper. It did add to

Buy the Beatles Remastered Box Sets

The Beatles Finally Remastered

There is a huge demand (which is obviously greatly outripping supply based on how the box sets are selling out everywhere) for these new remastered Beatles CDs because Beatles fans have been waiting since 1987 for The Beatles classic albums to be given the respect (and the mastering job) that they deserve.

1987 is when their albums were first put on CD and the job that was done is universally considered to be of low quality. Mostly because the technology at the time wasn’t up to snuff but also due to some incompetence.

Now finally in 2009 they’ve been remastered again, but this time using much better technology. So finally the Beatles CDs can sound as good (and perhaps even better) than their original vinyl releases.

Original Mono Mixes Finally On CD

The Beatles spent the majority of their time working on the mono mixes (up until around the time of The White Album the stereo mixes were little more than an after thought.) Because of this many Beatles purists consider the mono versions of their first 10 albums (Abbey

The Beatles Anthology 1, 2, and 3

In my opinion The Beatles Anthology series should really be listened to after all of The Beatles original studio albums. After all these are the alternate takes and songs which were deemed “not good enough” to be included on the original albums.

This is the stuff that serious Beatles fans need to seek out after they’ve heard everything else. It’s not a good way to first be introduced to the band. Unfortunately I think a lot of people were first introduced to The Beatles via the Anthologies back in the mid 1990s. That’s particularly unfortuante with Anthology 1 which is my opinion really only suitable for extremely hardcore Beatles fans who are interested in the early history of the band.

The Beatles Anthology 1

This includes some very early recordings of the band that are mostly interesting as “historical artifacts” more so than as songs to listen to on their own. It also features a lot of live performances of early hits such as “She Loves You” & “I Want You To Hold Your Hand.” This is definitely the set I would least recommend unless you are someone that really prefers

Jonas Brothers White House Appearance to Honor Paul McCartney

Recently, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama honored Sir Paul McCartney, the third recipient of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from the Library of Congress. It was a big bash featuring many well known stars including the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill and Jerry Seinfeld among others. McCartney himself also performed along with some of the musicians that he has influenced.

The event took place in the East Room and honored the former Beatle as the winner of this year. The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song is the country’s highest award for pop music.

The event was taped and will air as a 90 minute program on PBS stations across the US on 28 July. McCartney said that he is “highly honored to be given the Gershwin Prize by such a great institution as the Library of Congress.”

The Gershwin prize commemorates George and Ira Gershwin, who were great American songwriters who contributed extensively to popular music. The prize is awarded to those musicians whose lifetime contributions to the popular song arena embody the kind of excellence that is associated

Clean Image Gone Dirty

The American boy band, Jonas Brothers, is not only making headlines because of their music and acting efforts. Recent controversies involving Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas have caused Disney to lose some money to cover up bad publicity swirling around. From the buzz-making Jonas Brothers shirtless pictures to controversial dating rumors left and right, the teen group act has been receiving a lot of jabs from the media, paparazzi and currently, some disappointed fans.

The rumors were said to have been caused by the brothers’ various relationships with famous young stars in Hollywood. With the exception of the oldest sibling, Kevin, the rest of the Jonas Brothers have caused a stir because of highly publicized dates and affairs.

Joe Jonas’ highly sensationalized break up with country singer, Taylor Swift, caused a major buzz in Hollywood. To compound matters, Swift has been very vocal about her feelings towards the split. Swift said that the break up was sudden and only happened through a phone call. Joe, according to her, was the one who made the ‘break up’ call that only lasted for 27 seconds.

“When I look at

Jonas Girlfriend Aspirants

Do you know your stuff about the Jonas Brothers? Can you call yourself a real fan? Well if you want to be Nick Jonas’ girlfriend or any of the Jonas’ gf, then you better read these Jonas Brothers facts.

Did you know that the Jonas Brothers Bands started when Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three started a solo career? At six years old, nick was discovered be a manager while the young kid was crooning at the barber shop. Nick then got into Broadway after a year and started in A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim and even at Les Miserables.

He also acted in Beauty and the Beast which was about the time Nick wrote a musical piece with his dad entitled “Joy to the Word – A Christmas Prayer.” The song was sung on a yearly charity event for AIDS produced by Broadway. It was a big hit. INO Records produced it and Christian Radio made it popular through the airwaves.

Meanwhile, while all this was happening, Joe Jonas also went joined the Broadway bandwagon staring on a version of the play La Boheme.

Jonas Brothers World Tour

The Jonas Brothers grew up in a musical family in a small town called Wyckoff, New Jersey. It was but natural for the family to sing songs together and as the brothers grew up, they began writing songs and playing instruments together. The three brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick were born a few years apart and all of them are equally talented. However, it was Nick who initially caught the attention of a recording company.

The story goes like this. Denise Jonas, the Jonas’ mom, took Nick along to a salon as she was getting a hair cut. The young Nick sang and a lady who overheard him referred him to a record company. Nick recorded a solo CD initially, but then the manager heard that Nick had brothers who were equally talented. The three brothers sang “Please be Mine” together and managed to impress the manager a great deal. Realizing the opportunity in casting them together as a brother band, the Jonas Brothers was formed.

The first album of Jonas Brothers was called “It’s About Time.” It was released in August 2006 with a lot of publicity and fanfare.